Saturday: 11:15am to 12m  ( 3-5 years old )

This is our preschoolers program where our aim is to develop all the Gross motor skills such as coordination, flexibility, strength, speed among others. Research has proven that playing approach specifically for this group age is the way to learn, so , why not to learn a discipline while having fun ? 



Saturday: 12m to 12.45pm & Wednesday 3.30pm to 4.30pm  (6-7 years old)

This is a program for our Kindergarten and Year 1 school age children. We keep developing the skills mentioned above, however , at this age, kids are able to start focusing for longer period of time and that is the time when we introduce basic martial arts patterns that develop , attention , concentration and self awareness. 


Jungle big Kids. 

Saturday 12.45pm to 1.45pm & Wednesday 4.30 pm to 5.30pm (7+)

This program is designed to mastering Gross motor skills of school age children as well as confidence, self steam , resilience, respect as part of their Martial arts journey !


All programs have same intention: Gaining or Improving self confidence to overcome bullying that is very common nowadays in our society !

Children will learn physical techniques, however , we are focused on developing strategies of self control,problem solving,as a first tool !



Private swimming lessons at the convenience of your own Pool. 


Lessons are tailored to your  and/or  children's needs. Passioned teachers, teaching babies from 6 months , toddlers, preschoolers, school age children to adults.


From water confidence to Stroke Correction. We also help to prepare your child for Swimming Carnivals. 

Highly qualified and experienced swimming teachers coming to your door and offer an excellent service. 


Is a breakthrough approach to introduce pre-schoolers , school kids and their families to the Martial Arts journey.  


Jungle Martial Arts complements the education that our children are getting at school and improves social and individual interaction.  


Discipline, perseverance, resilience and  self regulation are the skills that Jungle Martial arts has focus on . Based on my experience as PE Teacher  and my contact with martial arts for more than 35 years, I have observed the need that our young generation has to participate in extra curricular activities where they can interact with their little friends and really enjoy them . Jungle Martial Arts identified these activities and designed a program that is enjoyable, and satisfy their needs and wants. 


Great customer satisfaction policy!!!


This program started with the intention of extending the Martial Arts practice to my student's parents, especially to their mums , encouraging them to keep active, fit and healthy. Once the program started, some of the mum's  partners wanted to join using this space as a co mun activity. This is now open to men and women to improve their style of living. It has been now 2 years since the program started and we have strong connection with the participants. We love to celebrate our successful terms by getting together and have a delicious dinner!

My students inspiring me to keep my self up to date, and I have worked hard to improve my carrier now as a WAKO international referee. this journey Started back in Colombia where I am originally from with the Wako Colombian Open , then , Wako Pan-american in Mexico , then Wako Oceania in New Zealand and now with Wako World championship in Bosnia . 


Jungle Kick Boxing is held in West Ryde Hall every Wednesday @ 7pm



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